Carlos says to him or her which he you will learn a location that is open now

Carlos says to him or her which he you will learn a location that is open now

The fresh new 122 finds the fresh new coverage one to folded that is towards the flame if it strike good gaz line whether or not it dropped. Carlos says to Chief Andrews which they made it group away but they want to get the folks to another cover. Judd intervenes and you may says which he known as warming stores and you may they have been most of the chock-full together with safeguards isn’t really unlock for the next cuatro instances. He provides people into seats store the manager allows to free while the a defense. Carlos try surprised whenever Tommy, TK and you will Nancy arrived at the furniture store given that he named to have incisions and bruises and you can don’t anticipate dispatch to transmit a keen ambulance to possess an exclusive team around. TK informs your that the city is bequeath slim now. Carlos begins stuttering when he tries to offer him or her someplace where they can remain. Who owns the store slices him out of and you may says to your that they may setup throughout the kitchen screen. Tommy asks Carlos how many everyone is truth be told there, in which he says to that there’s twenty five city customers and 3 church volunteers. Nancy requires your if he is thinking they truly are all environmentally friendly level but Carlos is actually realising that someone’s lost. He informs the brand new paramedics normally and you can renders lower than TK’s alarmed look. Carlos works to Judd, Paul and Mateo to tell them that somebody continues to be stuck to the, a teenager volunteer entitled Lindsey. Paul says to your that they had a list and Carlos reactions one she is actually the main one responsible for record very she don’t amount by herself. Later, the guy provides Lindsey’s moms and dads on the 122 and you can 129 where they give thanks to the newest firefighters to simply help cut its child.

A nursing assistant forces Carlos straightened out while he could be also concerned about TK

During the “Slim Frost”, Nancy asks Carlos in the future down here incase he scoffes regarding the “regular TK” advising your he really wants to speak on condition that he could be regarding ICU immediately following not having talked so you’re able to Carlos inside the months, she says to your that TK did not actually ask to radio Carlos now. Carlos says to her that she told you the guy desired your here and you will Nancy feedback that it was a lay. Carlos starts to inquire the girl why she’d lie about this but these are generally disrupted of the boy’s – Abe – mommy which requires Nancy in the event that she’s one of the paramedics who rescue her kid. Nancy states one to she’s therefore the mother says to her you to she actually is a character. Nancy responses you to she actually, the fresh hero is actually “the lady buddy TK” who ran toward pool to store her child. Nancy requires the caretaker just how try Abe carrying out and you will she replies you to he’ll generate a full recovery and therefore she wants him or her knowing just how pleased she is in their eyes hence they might be the hoping to have TK. After this woman is moved, Carlos requires Nancy exactly how big it’s and you Provo escort reviews can Nancy answers that it is far from good and this Tommy is with your physician proper today, obtaining newest news. Tommy comes out from TK’s room of course Nancy asks their just what doc say, Tommy responses that they have to pick Owen, implying one to TK’s condition isn’t great at all the.

Carlos asks the girl what’s happening additionally the doc tells him one to TK’s heartbeat is too sluggish hence he is honestly bradycardic

Inside the “Amaze and Thaw”, Carlos was resting during the TK’s bedside whenever TK’s display screen begins beeping before standing whenever a health care provider and you can nurse are in. Your doctor says to this new nursing assistant to help you starts moving Epi and also to score a fail cart about area. Carlos asks their in the event that TK might be ok and you can your medical professional forces your out from the area to allow them to create their job.